Timpani Art and Prints



Timbalier du 1er Regiment de Carabiniers – 1850 (my collection)
Timbalier des cuirassiers de L’ Imperatrice, Russie (my collection)
Postcard – Gardes du Corps, Preussen 1914 (my collection)
Dragons – Timbalier et Trompettes 1913 (my collection)
Timbalier de Spahis Senegalais 1913 (my collection)
19th Century caricature of army Kettledrummer (my collection)
Garde Imperiale, Escadron de Gendarmerie d’ Élite (my collection)
Pauker des Regiments “Garde du Corps” (my collection)
Timbalier et Tambour aux cheval (my collection)
Timbaliers des Cheveux-legers Lanciers Garde Imperiale (my  collection)
Timbalier de Chevaux-Legers Polonais (mycollection)
Timbalier des chasseurs a cheval Vieille garde Garde Imperiale (my  collection)
Costumes de Paris, Timbaliers (my collection)
Little 18 th century porcelain figure “Putto with kettledrum”
Timbalier des Gendarmes du Roi en 1721 (my collection)
Timbalier du regiment du Maine en 1676 (my collection)
Timbalier des gendarmes de la garde imperiale en 1804 (my collection)
Timbalier du colonel generale de la cavalarie en 1724 (my collection)
Timbalier du regiment de Villeroy en 1724 (my collection)
Beerjug with Timpanist, early 1800ths
A novelty in Military Kettledrums (my collection)
City trumpetteers, 1800ths, painted hearth, Valencia
Timpanist from the French National Garde (my collection)
Timpanist from the Hunters of the Consul´s Garde (my collection)
Timpanist from the French Elite Police, (my collection)