Nick Woud – Masterclasses

19990182_1364895566893305_4440090267623208789_nAs tutor at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music and former coach of the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands and the EUYO, Nick Woud has a vast experience in working with young percussion students, both in training the percussion section as in running classes on many subjects connected to timpani and orchestral percussion. Nick has been invited to give master classes abroad all over the world.
Subjects on which master classes can be given are:

General technique of timpani playing  
This will encompass basic movement, natural technique, working with different speed, rolls, balance, personality and physical influence, use of tension, grips, light and heavy playing, colouring and will touch on different international styles of playing.

Tuning and listening 
Now this is a complicated subject which will include much that has to do with intonation, pedalling, colouring again, singing, harmony, choice of drums tuning gauges yes or no, to finetune a head, changing notes if necessary, etc.

The Timpani 
About the instruments. Their role in the orchestra, in the instrumentation, the basic sound, the relationship with conductors, the different pedal systems and types, the different sizes and what to choose, the kettles and shapes, the organization in the orchestra, relation to the percussion group, what heads to use, calf heads , etc.

The lapping of calf heads
Everything connected to this.

The role of the Timpanist 
And what is really difficult….

The history and development of the instrument and of playing
What’s the origin of the timpani and how much is it influencing the timpani parts today.

The choice of mallets
And what types there are in relation to history, instrumentation and conductors wishes.

How to make timpani mallets
For the first time I will reveal my secrets of making such beautiful mallets.
But mind you, the most important secret is…… to make something beautiful takes a lot of time and effort.

Working audition training and audition programs 
Which is a specific discipline that has not much to do with the actual playing in the orchestra. Next to Timpani, also percussion training is possible.

Work with the repertoire
To dig deeply in the timpani repertoire with CD and the complete timpani part and touch on everything that pops up.

Work on etudes 
Not only in a technical way but also in perceiving and understanding the music behind the notes.

The repertoire
Choose from the symphonic music and opera, e.g. Beethoven Day, a long working day, looking into some of the most interesting timpani parts.

For enquiries and bookings, please contact me by email.

Masterclass in Parma 2017

How to change a calf head?

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