Nick Woud – Composer


The Honourable Mention Prize in the Vienna Classical Academy Competition for my Timpani Concerto – CONCERTO LIRICO –

Vienna prize winners

WORLD PREMIERE OF CONCERTO LIRICO FOR SOLO TIMPANI AND ORCHESTRA by Nick Woud Timpani with Orchestre Victor Hugo in Besancon, France on Friday October 9, 2020  A short impression

The Call performed by Orchestre National des pays de la Loire – video

New Compositions:

All of my Trombone and Brass music is published by  ENSEMBLE PUBLICATIONS 


Track for large Brass ensemble with Percussion

Dances for Trombone (Horn) and Bass Trombone                                        

Evocation for Bass Trombone obligato with Tenor Trombone and two Trumpets.

Serenade for solo Bass Trombone and four Tenor Trombones,                             

First Song for Bass Trombone solo                                                                                     

A Solemn Moment of Music for Basstrombone solo

The Call  for Brass ensemble , now also in a version with Timpani and Percussion!                                                                                              

Orfeo (Monteverdi) fanfare for baroque Timpani and Brass

Some of my music is published by:

Paul’s Piece part 1, 2 and 3 for Timpani solo                                               

Divertimento for Timpani solo                                                                                         

Do You Know For two Cymbal players                                                                     

Der Schnellar Marsch for 2 pair of baroque Timpani

4 Lullabies for Sax and Marimba


Poem of Transformation (worktitle) for Orchestra

Poem of Exploration (worktitle) for Orchestra

Ride of Remembrance (worktitle) for Orchestra


My music on these CD’s is composed for and played by my friend Ben van Dijk, the famous Basstrombone player.

                      RCO-07002              The RCO Brass CD

The Brass section of the RCO, Royal Brass, performed the worldpremiere of “The Call”, the brass presented, during their US tour to the Chicago area, May 2005. The Call was recorded in 2007 by the Royal Concertgebouw Brass.