Nick Woud – Composer

Since 8 years I’m composing orchestral works. I find the language of a lot of today’s new music lacking real depth, beauty, communication and craftmanship. Because of this I started to compose, what I would call realistic music, based on intuitive processes in the tonal language. The whole intellectual “comtemporary”music, which developed out of the chaos after two worldwars, has had its time in my opinion. Since there is no real development in modern composing, I feel it is time to go to a renaissance and to take the responsibility to dare touch peoples emotions again”

 As a composer Nick Woud is self-taught. In the years past he wrote music for a musical, did some work for radio and television [opening music for the 3rd Dutch TV net] and a couple of songs. The first composing has been done, stimulated by his friend Ben van Dijk, former bass trombone player of the RFO, now with the Rotterdam Phil.
* Music for brass sextet is called “Disguise Music” , recorded by the Dutch Brass sextet, a suite of colorful ballet-like pieces written for a different combination of brass instruments. [not published yet].
* The quintet is called “A windmills mind” and recorded by the Dutch radio brass. A version for trombone choir is now available and will be performed by the Dutch Trombone Collective.
* “Track”, a piece for large brass ensemble with percussion is published in 2000.
The “Dances” for trombone and bass trombone have been recorded in 2000 by Ben van Dijk an Joe Alessi of the New York Phil., together with a new piece called *”Evocation” for bass trombone obligato with tenor trombone and two trumpets.
*The “Serenade ” for solo bass trombone and four tenor trombones, recorded with the Berlin Philharmonic trombones [Triton, on BIS label] concludes the brass compositions of Nick Woud.

*“First Song” for bass trombone solo was published spring 2005.

*All of his trombone and brass music is published by Ensemble Publications

*For timpani he wrote ” Paul’s piece ” part 1,2 and 3 , and ” Divertimento “. For two cymbal players , ” Do You Know “. 



               My music on these CD’s is composed for and played by my friend Ben van Dijk, the famous Basstrombone player.


The RCO Brass CD

*The Brass section of the RCO, Royal Brass, performed the worldpremiere of “The Call”, the brass presented, during their US tour to the Chicago area, May 2005. The Call was recorded in 2007 by the Royal Concertgebouw Brass.