Classical Percussion Department Conservatorium van Amsterdam

The Classical Percussion Department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam currently holds eleven tutors: 

Richard Jansen, Coordinator of the Department and percussionist of Holland    Symfonia and the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, teaches all disciplines

Nick Woud , Solo timpanist of the RCO, teaches Timpani

Arnold Marinissen, solo and ensemble performer, composer, teaches Set-up

Mark Braafhart, Principal percussion of the RCO, teaches Orchestral      Percussion

Bence Major, Principal percussion of the RCO, teaches Orchestral Percussion

Ramon Lormans, soloist and performer, teaches Mallets

Rachel Zhang, teaches Mallets, member of the Joint Venture Percussion Duo

Marijn Korff de Gidts, teaches African Percussion and Methodology

Tomohiro Ando, Solo timpanist of the RCO, assistent teacher of Timpani

Laurent Warnier, Vibraphone, member of the Joint Venture Percussion Duo

Nancy Zeltsman, Mallets guest teacher

The Amsterdam University of the Arts / Conservatorium van Amsterdam offers a 4-year Bachelor and 2-year Masters curriculum, as well as for both curriculi a preliminary year.